Ms. Allen has an MFA degree from The Claremont Graduate University (93) and a BFA degree from Otis/Parsons Art Institute (91). As an academic instructor for twenty-five years, she has taught a variety of post-secondary studio art and art history courses. Currently she is a tenured professor at Copper Mountain College in Joshua Tree, CA.

Allen’s professional art practice has continued for over three decades, and the artworks created include traditional and nontraditional processes and media for methods of expression. Though primarily a mixed-media assemblage sculptor; site-specific installations, public art, altered books, experimental sound and performance art have also been produced. The major inspiration for her creative process and the resulting works is the spacious and dramatic environment of the Mojave Desert, where Ms. Allen resides. Her artworks have been displayed at various places in the Southern California region; including venues within the cities of Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Bernardino, and in the town of Joshua Tree. Her artworks are owned by art collectors regionally and internationally.


The spacious and dramatic environment of the Mojave Desert inspire the work both formally and thematically. The assemblages often refer to human physicality, either by giving reference to figurative format or by resembling architectural structures that suggest physical interaction from the viewer. The varied mediums are typically selected because of their history as functional items utilized by humans, and most are cast-off materials scavenged from the desert and appropriated. The elements of decay, rust, and organic weathering are celebrated and act as visual metaphors for the fragility and transience of human life.