Mojave Desert Installation

Sunvale Village, a community for the small, is an actual place, established in May 2017. Each inhabitant has adopted a new identity and many have changed their name to reflect their new philosophies of life. They are all proud to be small and have now made it their life long mission to celebrate all things small. 


The site-specific installation of Sunvale Village is a playful commentary on significant contemporary issues such as the environment, gentrification of communities and ownership, and politics. Individual sculptural pieces are assembled mixed media junk, with all materials scavenged from abandoned refuse or illegal dump sites. The characters of Sunvale Village have also been recovered from the desert, and are play companions in the ongoing story. 

As of August 2020, there are over 90 smalls living in the village.

For an interview about the village, featured in Palm Springs Life Magazine, go to

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We, a small community of diverse and little creatures, hereby declare our united stance on the significance of small. Let it be known, though our stature is slight, our concepts and actions are no less important than others. From here on, the small will be considered as having a valuable role within the laws of nature, and vital to nature’s continuum.

We, as a small community will celebrate the minutiae, the micro, the humble, and the things often overlooked, ignored or considered less important. We will stand united against the over-inflated, the bombastic, the supersized, and situations that are unfair in disproportional largeness.

Spidy M gives up on saving the world, and starts the Wee Web Post-It for Sunvale Village as owner, editor and reporter at small.

The after party. post grand opening of Plywood Pavilion, the community gathering place. Ms. Piggy, Little Mad Mac, Ms. Blackhorse, Bitman, Mr. Geo, Dogu, Wodeen and Woody Woods, Roni Rontos, Bionica Troll, Peppe Pink Pig, and Small Dog gather around the fire and discuss their newly formed community.

September 16th is celebrated Small Talk Day in Sunvale Village. Here you see Hunky Boy, Penny, Trick Pony, Peppe the pink pig, Bita Klein, and Dot Org engaging in small talk. They are discussing the various types of desert sand grains.

S Village map 2020.jpg

Sunvale Village Map 2020

Red dots are small homes, blue dots are community gathering places.

Ben and Josef Boyz create the Gasoline Can Alley performance space with Penny, Trick Pony, and Al Wee Wee. Propped Rock artwork is featured on the roof. The rock was moved over a distance of ten feet and it took three days.